Sweat bees – Know about them

Sweat bees are a form of bees that suck on human sweat for nutrition. These bees are usually found in a large amount in North America. Many may be found wandering in the open flower fields to suck pollen grains.


Did you know?

The female sweat bees in many parasitic species capture other species’ nests to store their own eggs. The host larvae are killed by these sweat bees and are consumed by them later. These hosts are generally said to be different species sweat bees.

Are they dangerous?

Sweat bees can be extremely annoying. Even though they suck on human blood, it is said that they aren’t very dangerous. Many bees sting but sweat bees do not. It is advised to use ice in the swollen regions. Sweat bee stings happen once in a while-which is why one doesn’t have to get very worked up. Applying baking soda on these stings can be another way to reduce the pain.

Importance of sweat bees-


Sweat bees just like any other insects play a vital role in the pollination of various indigenous flowers and plants. The female bees are highly necessary for pollen germination whereas males don’t help in pollination.

Is it advisable to kill sweat bees?

Although sweat bees play a chief role in pollination, they can be extremely infuriating. This is why it is okay to take drastic measure against them. They can be of an extreme threat to humans, especially in large neighbor hoods.

Hence controlling sweat bees is obligatory. There are numerous of controlling these sweat bees. One can use homemade ways as well as can call sweat bee exterminators according to their comfort and security. The homemade killing of sweat bees can be a cheaper but time-consuming method. Using insecticides is also one such way to get rid of sweat bees. You can check out for more at https://sweatbeecontrol.com.


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