The pleasures of an online gaming site can prove addictive.

I rang my mother the other day, and she was screaming. “I lost so many points on Tangleword today, I am so rusty!” Yes, my mother is addicted to Tangleword, a competitive version of Boggle, where you challenge other addicted Tangleword players online.

And while you may think this is sad, what is even sadder is that my family has learned to talk to my mother in the one-minute intervals between every two-minute Tangleword round.

Tangleword is just one game of about 50 provided on I must admit,I also enjoy the occasional game, but have found that every time I enter this site, my computer becomes infected with a cocktail of ad and spyware.

After cleaning my computer several times, out of frustration I decided that I was better off just purchasing Scrabble.

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I mentioned it to mother – the expert at online word games – and she said that before I handed over the cash at the store I should look on the internet for a better solution and, as they say, mother always knows best.

I came across, currently supplying addicts with a variety of games from Scrabble to Lemonade Tycoon.

The website offers users two options, the first of which is to purchase a game for $US20 ($A25) after the complimentary 60-minute trial period, and the second is a three-month subscription for the same price.

The subscription service works just like the purchasing option, but offers access to more than 100 games – from SpongeBob pinball to boulder dash and, yes, Boggle.

On the downside, after three months you must pay for another subscription or give up the games cold turkey.

Another aspect of the subscription-based service is that in order to open the game, you need to be connected to the internet, which is not the case if you purchase the product.

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While I always hesitate to purchase just one game, I am more than happy to purchase the equivalent of a video-game library card – I know that if I tire of one game, I don’t have to fork out more money to play another. Visit here for more information.

The offer to remove the banner advertisement has never been an inducement to part with cash for me, but the prospect of being able to play without worrying about ad or spyware is almost too good to be true.

I must confess that I, too, have become a little addicted to online games. So much so that my wife recently sent me an email, adapted from the famous 12-steps of Alcoholics Anonymous, provided by On-Line Gamers Anonymous, a self-help group dedicated to helping those addicted to online games. ( But I must stop writing now, I feel an urgent need to beat the computer at Boggle again.

Why High quality replica handbags

Designer handbags go a long way to complete a smart and tasteful outfit. Although there are several designer handbags available both online and offline, only a few can surpass the style, design, and reputation of authentic Gucci handbags. They give you the much needed confidence and help you to be the center of attraction. They are extremely stylish and make a unique fashion statement.

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The prints are either plain, checkered, stripes or vibrant. They are available in wide range of colors for instance brown, black and gray, bright colors like yellow, orange, or pink, and metallic such as silver and gold. The material used to manufacture Gucci handbags can be leather, animal skin and other top quality fabric.

Although they come with a hefty price tag but the expensiveness of the bag characterizes the uniqueness and elegance. Do not get disappointed! There is a way out there a viable alternative in the form of wholesale designer handbags, available at high discount rates or you can try replica of that branded bags. High quality replica handbags give you exact look and same design as the branded bags with less price, people who can buy if they can’t afford those branded bags. You will soon realize that shopping wholesale is quite reliable and the only difference is the price of the goods. You will love to pay low price for buying the handbags that would suit your style and taste.

How to Replace a Refrigerator Door Seal and how to keep your refrigerator clean?

Most modern refrigerators come with a rubber seal or gasket on the door.  This molded rubber gasket is designed to keep the cold in and the heat out, but over time the rubber can decay and become loose with sustained usage.  This can lead to your refrigerator not running as efficiently as it could be, and foods not being kept at the optimum temperature.

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How Do You Know if the Fridge Seal Gasket Needs Replacing?

There’s a simple check you can do to see if you need to repair your fridge gasket seal.  Have a look at it and if there’s condensation or black mold spots on it then the chances are that cold air is escaping from somewhere.  Cold air will cause the warmer air in your kitcen to condense which is why you might have a moldy fridge.

Another test is even simpler.  Take a sheet of paper and close the refrigerator door onto it.  Now pull the paper out slowly.  If it pulls straight out with no resistance, then the fridge is no longer air tight and it’s almost certain that the seal and gasket will need replacing. You can’t do it by yourself you can hire services like Assistenza frigoriferi Roma to fix it.

How to keep Clean

Cleanse and Disinfect the Interior

While the shelves and drawers are drying, you will want to cleanse the interior of your refrigerator. First, remove any food particles with a small broom or vacuum. Pay close attention to cracks and crevices where particles easily accumulate.

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Next, wipe down all interior surfaces with the same solution used for the shelves and drawers. Tough or sticky spills may need a tougher scrub brush. Don’t forget the interior surfaces of the door as well. Wipe everything dry with a soft cloth or towel before replacing shelves, drawers, and food.

Replace Everything

When everything is clean and dry, you are ready to replace the shelves, drawers, and food items. This is also a great time to wipe down any nasty food jars that need cleaning. Place things where they belong and admire your work. You may also want to add a new box of baking soda to your refrigerator, as it will work to absorb odors and keep things smelling fresh.

Bitcoin will be part of the world banking order

Bitcoin can someday be subject to international treaties and financial organization interventions, predicts Jeremy Allaire, one in every of the virtual currencies’ biggest backers.

The future of bitcoin is determined by central banks, standards bodies and company contributors. That’s the read of businessperson Jeremy Allaire, United Nations agency used a weekday morning keynote speech in big apple to line out a vision of the digital currency that’s definitely not like the redistributed dreams of the many early bitcoin backers.

Allaire, whose startup Circle is vying to taking bitcoin into the buyer thought, spoke at within Bitcoins, one in every of a growing range of event franchises capitalizing on a spike of interest in payments and virtual currencies.

bitcoin trading

According to Allaire, bitcoin’s emergence as a worldwide payment platform can depend upon governments sterilization anti-money-laundering laws, and serving to bitcoin service suppliers integrate with the world’s existing banking infrastructure. In his read, the selection between bitcoin and standard decree currencies doesn’t represent associate “either/or” proposition. Instead, he foreseen the 2 systems can someday become tangled through business banks and ATM networks.

bitcoin trading

More remarkably, Allaire additionally prompt that national governments might someday establish treaties to manage bitcoin mining cartels, and act as market manufacturers for bitcoin through their central banks.

All of this is often somewhat impressive at a time once the typical client has no plan what bitcoins neutralize the primary place, associated once the currency remains impractical as an everyday payment platform. whereas Allaire, beside geographical region rival Coin base, square measure calls to alter this, it’s still unclear once or if bitcoin can go thought.

Like others, Allaire is keen on scrutiny today’s bitcoin scheme to the planet wide internet in 1994, once browser suddenly brought the net to everyone.

“There isn’t nevertheless the killer app for bitcoin trading,” he said, despite the upwards of two,000 bitcoin-related start-ups and corporations that Allaire claims square measure currently in operation round the world.

So what’s going to it fancy get bitcoin to travel from technician fetish to common currency? Allaire aforementioned that cryptocurrencies, recently dubbed a “fifth protocol” for the net, need higher customary systems and an organization comparable to Red Hat – an organization that packages ASCII text file computer code into sensible business product.

How to Use the Profit Tracker Tool in Your Profit Accumulator?

Profit Accumulator is the all new matched betting system. In less than two months, the website has become extremely famous. What makes the Profit Accumulator special would be its “tools and features”. “Matched Betting Profit Tracker” is a fancy tool in the PA. As suggested by its name, the profit tracker will help you handle your matched bet earnings. You will know how much you have made every day, every week and every month. In the long run, you can keep track of how much you made in a year.

Profit Accumulator

Monitoring Funds

A lot of people find it difficult to keep track of their monthly/yearly profits. They don’t have a way of monitoring funds in an easy or clean way. In fact, most people use accounting software and spreadsheets to evaluate their matched betting earnings. It is quite fascinating to note that some people check their bank statements. These are accurate ways of tracking profit. However, they are difficult and filled with hassles. This is why Profit Accumulator introduced the Profit Tracker. This tool is seamlessly integrated with PA.

As you become a master of matched betting, you will require the Profit Tracker. You will be able to stay organized and aware of your earnings.

Using the Profit Tracker

Profit Accumulator

So, how does the profit tracker work? Here is a quick walk through the Profit Tracker’s functionality:

You must become a platinum member to use the Profit Tracker.

You must navigate to “My Account” and select “Your Profit”.

Now select “Enable Calculator Logging”. This feature will enable your Betting calculator.

After you use the Profit Tracker for the very first time, you must click “Update”. Once the tool is updated, you will see a new UI and many functional buttons.

Gathering Information:

The Profit Tracker displays profits and all earnings in a strategic fashion. The tool divides earnings and gives a summary of the total.

You will be able to see monthly and annual earnings.

And, you will be able to obtain a summary of your overall profit (from day 1).

There are several different types of filters in the Profit Tracker. These filters can help you and the bookmakers. For instance, the bookmakers will be able to filter members with the highest profits.

Finally, Profit Tracker is a smart tool that stores plenty of information about matched bets. This includes details like the date of your bet, your profit and who the bookmaker was.

An Introduction to Matched Betting

What is matched betting? Matched Betting is a relatively simple way of making risk free easy money from bookmakers free bets. Online Bookmakers offer free bets as a way of enticing us to open accounts with them. They do this in the belief that once we use the free bet, we will stay with them and continue to lose money with them for years to come.

The majority of people probably place the free bet on an outsider for a big win, and ultimately lose. Even if the odd free bet wins, the bookmaker still wins in the long run, as the gambler probably stays with that bookmaker and loses more money over a period of time.

what is matched betting

The way to fight back against the bookmakers is using the Matched Betting technique. Using this technique, we take the free bets and use them to our advantage, by laying them off on a betting exchange.

To claim a free bet, we normally have to place a qualifying bet first. To ensure we don’t lose money doing this, we lay the same bet on a betting exchange. For example, with our qualifying bet, we back Manchester United to win with the bookmaker and then lay them on a betting exchange.

This means we have placed our qualifying bet with no, or minimal loss (normally a pound or two). We then follow the same technique with the free bet, this time laying a proportion of it on a betting exchange (ie, if it’s a £50 free bet at Even money, we lay £25 on the betting exchange).

what is matched betting

This guarantees you a profit no matter what the outcome of the match.

As well as the free bets for new customers, a lot of bookmakers now also offer free bets for existing customers. This gives us even more opportunities to use the Matched Betting technique.

How London SEO consultants do it

Google displays websites it feels are relevant and authoritative. They do this by measuring relevance by analyzing page content through their page crawlers, the words we read, and they measure authority (mostly) based on the number and quality content on other pages.

The techs at Google promote pages they think are authoritative pages to the top of its rankings. It’s down to you to create these authoritative pages. In simple terms this involves simply writing high quality unique content and building links involving your keywords within the content of each page.

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Affordable SEO London involves you creating and writing pages that use specific keywords, these words are specific to what people would be typing in there searches, and securing links from a variety of other pages to show how important and more authoritative your page is compared to other competitor’s pages. Links are like votes and lots of votes help get you elected to the top positions on page 1.

Below is just a quick but effective guide to getting better search results,

Write unique content that only targets exact words and phrases that are used by the people who search for your product

Build high quality, focused well written links to your pages this helps to show they are important

Affordable SEO London

Work continually always remember, your competitors behind you want your spot so continually add to your site, continually build links, continually evolve and expand your site and add new fresh content.

So remember that Search Engine Optimization is the very simple activity of optimizing a website ensuring it can be found in search engines, its optimizing your site correctly for words and phrases relevant to what the site is offering, so that when Googlebot comes and crawls your site it all matches up and is well set out.  SEO for those who don’t understand it can be a minefield, it can also be a Goldmine for those who do.

What is Ayurveda?

Ayurveda, it is the inner beauty and well-being that is radiated and thereby the external beauty, which is the reflection. This age-old science is the harmony between body and mind.

Ayurveda in Sanskrit means the knowledge of life. Ayurvedic medicine is a science, a wisdom, which is arguably the oldest and most complete tradition of knowledge in the world. The Ayur Veda has its sources in the Veda, set of sacred texts of ancient India and its principles are those of what is now called “natural medicine”, which means that they respect the laws of nature. As in the Vedic system, we find in Ayurvedic cosmetics the three essential elements or doshas present in every human being: vatta (the air), pitta (fire), kapha (water and earth).

ayurveda beauty treatment

Any disruption of the balance of these 3 elements can have negative repercussions on our health and consequently it can also have on our beauty. According to this holistic conception, the body, the mind and the environment form an absolutely inseparable whole. Elaborated to offer appropriate solutions for each dosha, Ayurvedic preparations and products do not act only on the skin, but also on the whole body and vice versa.

You can order online our Ayurvedic and natural beauty products and beauty recipes from the ancient Vedic tradition and made with natural ingredients of controlled quality, free from preservatives and chemical dyes. Our cosmetics are hypoallergenic, not tested on animals. Our food and dietary supplements are 100% from the plant world.

The unique characteristic of vata is dryness, pitta is heat and kapha is heaviness. Whenever there is a lot dryness in the body vata energy is high. When there is excess heat, pitta energy is high as in the case of fevers, inflammations or hot temper. When there is excess heaviness, extra kapha energy is present, resulting in excess weight, cellulite, water retention, swelling or puffiness. Ayurveda involves treatments with native plants, spices or flowers, all of which are revered for their healing properties. Western spas frequently turn to Ayurveda beauty treatment for inspiration. Stressed modern clients crave the serenity of an ancient time. Our goal is to create a wellbeing focus with Ayurveda beauty care, meditation and yoga in a holistic environment.

How do you access unblocked torrent sites at school stage?

This proxy will help you in school when the websites are blocked. This is a great way to get past the school internet blocks. Your parent’s and teacher won’t know which sites your browsing too because we get around the filtered web. Surfing with this service will bring you to an unfiltered and uncensored internet. Unlike your high school or college that puts a firewall filter on your internet connection.


Internet access in schools is often blocked and even at the company firewall many times. And accessing websites like torrent, facebook, gmail, hotmail, ebay, friendster, myspace, google, bing, windows live, aol, yahoo, wikipedia, twitter,,, msn, linkedin, apple computers, microsoft websites, fc2, flickr, the internet movie database, tumblr, bbc online, babylon, espn, cnn interactive,, mediafire, godaddy, and megaupload is very critical. That was what seemed like a long list of websites that is actually shorter than all the websites that this internet glype proxy can bring you access to. You will be able to bypass the school block and bring access to thousands of websites through this fast free internet unblock torlo ckproxy.


The best internet torlockproxy websites contain high anonymity access to thousands of torlock blocked websites. Giving each user an anonymous url that is unique to each browsing session. This increases the anonymity of each user on the proxy website. That unblock proxy bypass system has some of the best features to increase website user anonymity. This also includes disabling website tracking systems that mess with your anonymity online without the proxy you would be visible from a thousand miles away. Plus, the websites you visit will only see the ip address of the proxy server thinking you are located were the proxy server is located thus fooling website ip address tracking systems that mess with your anonymity online.

When having to deal with an internet filter that blocks all the sites you frequently love to visit at work and at school. It can be dishardening to find your boss watching every website you visit and warning pages restricting your access to popular social media sites.

Set of rules prepared for T20 Matches

Cricket is the international and interesting game that has gained a huge fan base across the globe. In fact, when you probe about the favorite game of the people, especially youngsters, the first name that comes from them is cricket. However, now the fever for the cricket is going to start in a couple of weeks with the start of euro t20 slam 2019.

euro t20 slam live score

This tournament is almost alike to that of a traditional match, but differs a tad in the gaming rules. This euro t20is a 20 overs match played by each team in a short time. These rules instead of complicating the match will add fun and make the game more interesting than the traditional ones, you can also check euro t20 slam live score online.

Free hit: This is quite compelling rule of this tournament. When it is a no ball because of overstepping, then the next ball would be a free hit for the batsman team. In this ball, the batsman can be out of the game, only if it is a run-out.

Umpire has all rights to award five runs extra to the one of the teams playing this match, if the other team is consuming a lot of time or intentionally wasting time on the field at his own discretion. Though, this rule is imbroglio and creates ruckus, but helps the team to finish the match as per the said time.

euro t20 slam live score

Complete 20 overs match in 75 minutes: The cricket council will fine the bowling team, if they do not complete their 20 overs in 75 minutes. According to this rule, the batting team gets additional six runs, if the bowling team fails to instigate their 20th over before 75th minute. This rule has to be stringently enforced in this tournament to finish the match within three hours of span. Moreover, this is one of the advantages that is grabbing the attention of cricket enthusiasts to the grounds.

Bowling rules: The T20 rules that are enforced by the cricket council are friendlier for the batsman than the bowlers. Each bowler should only bowl for 4 overs out of 20 overs that is one-fifth of the total overs.

How can you give a rating for a movie?

I am an ardent follower of the South Indian Cinema, especially the progress of Tamil Movie making. There are far too many movies made nowadays and it is impossible for me to watch nor comment on all of them. My reviews are inevitably limited to Tamil movies that are significant for their sheer quality, and if not, at least for their blockbuster standing. I may also write at times on matters concerning the film Industry. Despite my passion for Indian Cinema, I am not an Indian, and although movie critics are all alike despite geographical boundaries, this could be the only place to read the views on Tamil movies by a non-Indian national. Enjoy.

Here is how I will be rating movies

Scale of 5 stars

No star: Crap or trash whatever you may call, simply not worth your time, let alone a Rupee spent

0.5 star: non-existent!

Tamil movies

1 – 2 stars: Film of some substance and some high points but generally disappointing. Don’t watch unless you have something compelling about the movie

2 – 3 stars: Film that can be watched although some critics may not agree. The film has some strong point in one or more areas to be applauded. Of course the movie could have been much better

3 – 4 stars: A fine movie by Indian Tamil Cinema standards, but has some weaknesses that may not be apparent to all. Go and watch if you haven’t as you may be missing that is good

4.5 stars: This is a far superior movie by any Cinema standards, and of course would be vying for the movie of the decade award, and top 10 Tamil movies of all time award.

5 stars: Movie of sheer class and something that needs combined skills of Maniratnam, K. Balachandar and Balu Mahendra, brainstorming with Kamal Hassan! Such a movie may never materialise. If it does, it will be a D-Day in the annals of Tamil cinema.