The pleasures of an online gaming site can prove addictive.

I rang my mother the other day, and she was screaming. “I lost so many points on Tangleword today, I am so rusty!” Yes, my mother is addicted to Tangleword, a competitive version of Boggle, where you challenge other addicted Tangleword players online.

And while you may think this is sad, what is even sadder is that my family has learned to talk to my mother in the one-minute intervals between every two-minute Tangleword round.

Tangleword is just one game of about 50 provided on I must admit,I also enjoy the occasional game, but have found that every time I enter this site, my computer becomes infected with a cocktail of ad and spyware.

After cleaning my computer several times, out of frustration I decided that I was better off just purchasing Scrabble.

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I mentioned it to mother – the expert at online word games – and she said that before I handed over the cash at the store I should look on the internet for a better solution and, as they say, mother always knows best.

I came across, currently supplying addicts with a variety of games from Scrabble to Lemonade Tycoon.

The website offers users two options, the first of which is to purchase a game for $US20 ($A25) after the complimentary 60-minute trial period, and the second is a three-month subscription for the same price.

The subscription service works just like the purchasing option, but offers access to more than 100 games – from SpongeBob pinball to boulder dash and, yes, Boggle.

On the downside, after three months you must pay for another subscription or give up the games cold turkey.

Another aspect of the subscription-based service is that in order to open the game, you need to be connected to the internet, which is not the case if you purchase the product.

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While I always hesitate to purchase just one game, I am more than happy to purchase the equivalent of a video-game library card – I know that if I tire of one game, I don’t have to fork out more money to play another. Visit here for more information.

The offer to remove the banner advertisement has never been an inducement to part with cash for me, but the prospect of being able to play without worrying about ad or spyware is almost too good to be true.

I must confess that I, too, have become a little addicted to online games. So much so that my wife recently sent me an email, adapted from the famous 12-steps of Alcoholics Anonymous, provided by On-Line Gamers Anonymous, a self-help group dedicated to helping those addicted to online games. ( But I must stop writing now, I feel an urgent need to beat the computer at Boggle again.


Travelling is all about taking away memories and leaving footprints. But wouldn’t it be better if you could become instrumental in enriching the travel experience of your female friends by gifting them luxury travel gifts for women which they will cherish for further more trips to come, if not the entire lifetime.

As it is evident from the very beginning, picking the perfect gift for a well-traveled woman can be a fiddly task. With numerous options to choose from available online and otherwise, it becomes quite a task to be on track and buy something that will be worth the price. To ace the task of finding the perfect present, one should try looking for theluxury gifts which will make long waits at the airport more bearable, expeditions more comfortable, memories more recordable and overall experience more enjoyable.

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Henry Vandyke once quoted, “It is not the gift, but the thought behind it that counts.” This statement vividly lays down the entire idea of finding the perfect luxury travel gift for women around us. With the fast-paced lifestyle, the least we can do for the travel-loving women in our lives is to gift them the perfect present that satisfies all the benchmarks to be stated as the ultimate travel gifts for women in town. It should be something she will be able to take with her, something that keeps her fashion game and comfort at the top at the same time. The objective is to filter down some of the best presents you can gift the women in your lives to make their experience even more adventurous and unforgettable, the gifts she will love and actually want at the same time. No one else can serve this purpose better than you because it is only you who knows deep down what your favorite girl actually desires.

The growing demand for gaming portals

With passing time the demand for gaming and online software’s has increased to a great deal. Individual no matter of what ages are all feeling the need and using such tools to pass their time and also the industry is growing with time. There was a time when there were very few companies and brands that were known for manufacturing and coming up with gaming ideas. But with time the whole scenarios has changed and now you can find whole new concepts and ideas that are coming up in the market. This is the main reason and purpose of getting a professional and experienced Get free Robux game tester.

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The role of Get free Robux video game tester is quite different and with the rise and popularity of different gaming portals they have become much more active. There are so many different ideas and logics that comes along with such professional task and this has resulted in bringing out whole set of designs and speculated services. This is the most important and demanding set of collections that are designed, once you hire such professional they can bring for you and extensive and wide ranges of games. Seeking the help of game testers will help you find bug and take video gaming to a different level.

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As the demand and need for games are increasing day by day it has become really important and necessary to get all the professional courses, during those you can start developing the games. There are so many game developing and software companies in the scene and they are carrying out all new developments and constantly upgrading the whole system and other resources that come along with time. This is proving to be quite useful for gamers to Get free Robux just by testing video games.

Best course for entrepreneurs – Lucas Roudi Course

The Curso do Lucas Roudi is without question the most authentic course that you can take up in order to become the best entrepreneur. With a diversified range of technology developments, the Internet has become quite a sensation. Many prominent people made quite a name due to their hard work. One such person is Lucas Roudi. He is the producer of the online income course. He came up with this brilliant course after having put a lot of thought. This course is helpful for all entrepreneurs in every possible way.

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A lot of us do jobs that we don’t even like. If you really think about it, your life has zero meaning when you don’t even do the things you like. Lucas Roudi was also like most of us. He did a job as an architect and was unsatisfied with it for a very long time. He finally decided to start up his business due to which he changed the lives of both his and his family. Digital marketing is one of the most highly enrolled courses by many people today. It is a basic course which helps everybody earn.

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The best part about digital marketing is that you don’t have to have a very top degree. If you just do a course in digital marketing and get certified, you can start earning crazy. The Lucas Roudi course will help you understand all the important information required to know before starting your own business. This course is the most convenient course that you can learn right at your house. With this impeccable privilege, not only will you excel at your business but it will also have the most easing and exciting time of learning a whole new course. So stop waiting for the right time and enroll in this course to have a genuine experience of learning about business.

Introduction to IP address and its purpose

IP address is a common term for modern individuals but very few know about it in detail. Though many are aware of this term but only a certain section knows why it’s so important. IP basically stands for Internet Protocol and every machine or device has unique IP address on the network. This address assigns a unique identification label to the machine and it helps for communications. It’s quite similar to a unique identification number that every citizen of any country posses. IP is also used to different among several devoices or system which are on any network. So do you know wat is mijn ip address now?

wat is mijn ip

 Apart from giving a unique label or numerical identity to any device there are other purposes of IP address. The first purpose of it is to identify the network interface and secondly it helps in locating the device or computer. Today there are several online portals which will help users find wat is mijn ip address. IP address is a set of binary numbers which is easily readable for users. One simple example of an IP address will be 192. 168.1. 98. Basically these are numbers which is between 0 and 255. Users can easily find computer’s IP address by searching on the web. Many websites are providing details related to any particular IP address.

wat is mijn ip

By entering any IP address users can find useful information such as country, city, operating system, browser and even ISP based on the site you are using. So knowing wat is mijn wat is mijn ip ip address is no more tough now. Initially there were online Internet Protocol Version 4 but with advancement now there is Internet Protocol Version 6. However in IP4 or Internet Protocol Version 4 is still common used. This is very much the basic information one need about Internet Protocol.

Things to know before getting STD tested

It is said that if you are sexually active and are actively having unprotected sexual Intercourse then it is advised that you should do STD check-ups at least once.  Clearly the chances increase because of the unprotected intercourse. And also, be aware of your partners medical and sexual history. But apart from those basic advises here are certain things you should know before you get tested at

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  • Testing and Screening are not the same – Testing is when a patient is going in for a check-up with a self-analysed symptom and screening is when the patient has no idea about the symptoms and the doctor has asked for a check on the sexual activity of the patient.
  • Certain STDs have specific screening methods – Herpes, Chlamydia, Gonorrhea require urine samples and saliva samples. There are certain samples taken specially when there are chances of the above disease. Also, certain other samples along with these are taken accordingly to the type of intercourse you are having whether it is oral, anal or vaginal intercourse. It is also often seen that when specific questions are asked patients are often very hesitant and that is understandable but during a screening the doctor is supposed to know all about the sexual activities you have been involved in.
get tested at
  • Insurance- Insurance can easily cover the tests and screening fees but it is great to say that most places provide free STD tests and screening.
  • Results come in quick- Most of the time it is to be done within 48 hours but it also depends on how thorough your tests are and where your test are being done and analysed. Depending upon that it should vary.
  • Urethra sampling is not a usual anymore – Earlier men were terrified about Urethra sampling and they were certainly hesitant with this particular check-up. But now it is all urine-based tests.

How to get free Snapchat views

Snapchat no doubt has became one of the most favorite apps among people around the globe and entire credit for that goes to its unique set of architecture in terms of social sharing. Snapchat provides its users with a platform where they can share their videos, images, and thoughts in their social circle. Snapchat is surely an apt place if you want to be known for any of your unique work or talent.
To strengthen social presence on a platform like Snapchat one can try certain ways using which they can gain free Snapchat views, through which they will be able to share their work with a larger set of people. Some ways using which, one can gain free snapchat views are:

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  • Post stuff which seems interesting to the audience, content drives the view count and for view count to be high content should be interesting enough.
  • One can employ certain advertisements mechanisms to promote one’s work on different sites and gain popularity.
  • An important trend which is observed is trying to follow more and more people as they also follow you in return and a substantial increase in view count is seen.
  • Share snapchat handle on multiple social networking sites so that audiences from different site can also view your work and appreciate it.
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One possible way is also to buy the views to gain popularity on the snapchat app along with time and effort saving. For that, you need to provide certain basic information and process to make payment.

The desired numbers of views are made available with the prescribed deadline. Snapchat can indeed be a solid helping step in your journey of fame and thus, knowing better about snapchat views and settings is very important. By getting more and more views, you can soon become a popular face in social circle.


Online Marketing has gained a lot of momentum in the last decade and has become an integral part of the industry and a necessity these days to cater to a larger audience and reach each and every individual. Online Marketing Bureau Overijssel has successfully made its mark and is one of the best online marketing agencies. The agency is based in Overijssel. The agency has a very unique and fresh approach to online marketing and plans on revolutionizing marketing. Their motto is, ‘We achieve online results that make you happy.’ They do that very well and effectively.

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  • The agency specializes in SEO (Search engine Optimazation.), SEA (Search Engine Advertising), Social Media Marketing and Email Marketing.
  • For effective results, Online Marketing Bureau Overijssel uses Optimized keywords, link building, and writes relevant content.
  • Best SEA results are achieved by Account Development, Keyword research, writing effective advertisements, and forming proper reports of the same.
  • Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Youtube are the most popular social media platforms a lot can be achieved by effectively using the platforms for marketing.
  • The agency uses the platforms to market your products and service.
  • A very little credit has been given to email marketing but is very effective,
  • Online Marketing Bureau Overijssel uses services like Mailchimp and Spotler.
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  • The agency caters towards sectors like B2B, Finance and telecom, Retail and Shopping, Travel and Entertainment, Fashion and Lifestyle, Home and Garden, etc.
  • The agency’s website also has a very useful blog page where they put up articles about effective marketing strategies.
  • The agency has collaborated with many companies like Open Universiteit, Voucher cloud and Jord.

     If you are a brand/ company that wants to up their marketing game, discover new angles and try out different platforms for your growth, Online Marketing Bureau is the right choice for you.

All about a life Coach

In today’s world people get to have certain issues which are intolerable at their own stakes. Similarly, not that it was not an option before but now its is an option to have a very specific person assigned to you just to get you out or help you out from those situations. How do you reach them?


Common question for everyone might appear in your mind to just search from them on the internet and indeed internet could be the saviour again and show you results and destinations of pages like Essentialise and many more. A life coach is commonly a person who counsels and encourages at a professional level or even personal level. It is very distinct from counselling, mentoring or administering therapy. Hiring a life coach could get you help in the transition phases.

There are certain things a life coach can get you in your life proven a numerous time by Essentialise:

  • Listening for structure – Coaches can read between the lines pretty well. They are present to listen to you which would be pretty tough in today’s fast running world. So, they tend hear you out and try to understand the real deal which can be barricaded by words sometimes.
  • New Levels of Thinking – They tend to converse the problem out and then insert in various inspiring thoughts in your mindset which indeed was missing. The new logical awareness gets going.
  • Challenging Questions – Questions would be asking to you that would actually shape up the world on different level for you which indeed was neglected from your sight.
  • Outsiders View – Mostly the coach is said to be the neutral person in the life. Which can actually help you know the truth from an outsider’s point of view.
  • Independent Accountability – The coaches makes it a point that after the whole process is done. Then the client is not left hanging on their own. So they build up the process in certain way that the self-accountability existence is never questioned.

Upgrade your Ansiktsvard routine naturally!

One of the most sensitive aspects of your body is your face. Therefore, taking care of your face starts with some natural steps, which can render you a healthy glow, in and out. To start off with the process of Ansiktsvård”, you must switch to a healthy diet first. Your face reflects all that you eat. If you eat the right amount of natural foods, then your face will start to feel the difference. Thus, let us carefully analyze certain measures that can keep your skin smooth and glowing.


Ansiktsvard tips that really work:

Gentle cleansing and exfoliating are the two most essential face care tips that you must definitely swear by. In addition to that, some of the above tips you should definitely try today are as follows:

  1. One of the best tips you should definitely swear by is to drink loads of water daily. Water not only keeps your skin hydrated but also channelizes to flush out all the toxins from your body. You can also make infused water and lemon water as a good source of keeping your face clear!
  2. Apply serums before going to bed at night. Serums lock in all the moisture, thereby preventing wrinkles and signs of aging. It also gets rid of pigmentation and dark spots!

  1. Never exfoliate your face too hard. Although this is an important step for ansiktsvard, always remember to use a gentle one to see the difference!
  2. Apply sunscreen before stepping out in the sun. The UV rays can damage the sensitive aspect of your face.
  3. Always pat dry your face and never use a harsh towel in the process. It can damage your skin cells and make it drier!

Thus, it is now easy to enhance your presence with the best face care tips today!

Stop here for your drywall situation

Drywalls for DIYs, very common and exciting for the person who really wants to do something to the drywalls for the betterment. These walls can be versatile and can work as a canvas for you. Also talking about drywall, we cannot just avoid anchors which is a vital part for these kinds of walls. So, a page like garage sanctum will definitely be the one stop for the tips and ideas to rejuvenate the garage or the drywalls.

Many people don’t really know about the various types of anchors such as Cement Board Screw Anchor, Expansion Anchor, Hollow Wall Anchor, Winged Plastic Anchorand many more. The vast knowledge about anything regarding the drywalls and anchors you will get it here:

As important it is to research or know about a situation or a thing before using it. It is important to know how to maintain it. Though maintaining it can be a tad bit tricky. But yes, an option of replacing it by a new one is always provided.

Knowledge about it is a necessity as like it is important to know how much of weight an anchor can hold? Or How to install a drywall anchor without drilling? Surely the information provided in garagesanctumwill be handy as the site has nothing but loads of information which may just look saturated and overflowing but yes indeed is the best stop to make for these sort of situations.

Also the site gives you loads of information on how one should measure out every corner of their work space accordingly and if not then they made sure that the necessary information is delivered cause misguidance is a common fact in these departments and garage sanctum does not support that by any means.